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Olea Homeopathica

“Theodosia” fresh extra virgin olive oil has been exclusively produced with the use of homeopathic remedies; these are actually energy formulas, i.e. they undergo such dilution that their initial substance ceases to exist and only their energy is maintained. These remedies have been used not only to activate the soil and to feed the tree,…

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The Earthenware Gift wrap

We chose to safeguard our homeopathic olive oil in a respectively unique clay jar. Our bottle has been inspired by the Minoan pottery; not only because pottery is a remarkable ancient art, connected with olives and civilization, but also because the clay pots, in which the Minoans as well used to store and transfer the…

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The germ of an idea

The idea of Olea Homeopathica was born in 2012 in Freiburg, Germany (i.e. the city where I obtained the Heilpraktiker degree a few years ago), during a Homeopathy Congress (World Institute of Sensation Homeopathy [WISH]), when in the first break and while I was taking a look at the homeopathic bibliography, I noticed a book…

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Applying homeopathic remedies

Diseases in olive trees and their homeopathic treatment1 Damage due to long-lasting humidity A significant problem can occur to the olive trees due to the long-lasting presence of humidity, especially following hailstorm. In thick olive groves, due to heavy rainfalls or morning long-lasting humidity, two phytopathogenic fungi may occur, namely the peacock spot affecting mostly…

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Back to our roots..

In the past, the olive oil production process used to take place in small olive mills. These were not only workplaces, but also social life places. This is the case of our family-owned olive mill in Lastros, which was initially operated by the old Petras in 1870 and it kept until the middle of the…

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