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Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sitia PDO

Τhe land among the craggy slopes of Kastelos, the mountains and the region of Malavra in the north-eastern Crete (Sitia) is considered to be olive’s ancient homeland. This is also reflected in the marvelous Minoan pendants, the pieces of jewelry and diadems with gold olive leaves from Mochlos, in the unique Minoan piriform jar from Psirra, with the painted olive branches, as well as in a number of material and immaterial timeless evidence, highlighting, among others, the enormous wealth of olive’s medical uses.

In this land, the first in the world olive grove of homeopathic cultivation was born and it is with great satisfaction that we present our unique olive oil.

The first homeopathic olive tree in the region Kastelos (Myrsini), Crete. Grafted on a wild-olive tree. Coordinates: latitude: 35,18216 , longitude: 25,95945

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